25 DIY flower-making tutorials

I developed a passion for making flowers out of anything I can shape with my hands. There are some great tutorials out there and I thought you might like to try them too. Most of them do not require special materials or experience. And remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Paper flowers

1. Shredded style by http://mayamade.blogspot.ro

2. Origami Kusudana Flower

All you need is patience and square pieces of paper. This is my own creation. They are easy to make. Here are the instructions from http://www.origami-instructions.com

3. Flowers, not cookies. Baking paper flowers

Here’s how:  www.apartmenttherapy.com


4. Quilling or the art of bending paper: Part 1

Quilling requires a little bit of work if you do not have the thin strips of paper. You can buy them from Art&Crafts store or you can buy a special cutting instrument that will help you make you own strips. But, as long as you have the strips, here is how: www.scrap-a-little.com


5. Quilling or the art of bending paper: Part 2

Flowers made this way are usually flat or glued to a sheet of paper. This tutorial shows this doesn’t need to be so. Here is the tutorial: www.joybx.com


6. Post-it flower

This is so simple and elegant I will try it as soon as I can. You only need a square piece of paper, scissors and glue. For a great finish, go outside and try to find some interesting-looking twigs to attach the flowers to. Learn how to do this here: Dozi’s Flower Tutorial


7. Cherry Blossoms a la Martha

Like the post-it flower before, to complete the look, you will need to collect branches from the yard. Learn how here: Paper Cherry Blossom &  Paper Dogwood Flowers

8. Tissue Paper Flowers: Chapter I

If you do not have stamps to make the patterns, just skip that bit. If you like the idea, you can make your own stamps like this: DIY Cork Stamps
Learn how to make the flower here: www.laurenm.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com

9. Tissue Paper Flowers: Chapter II

Find the tutorial here: www.foldingtrees.com


10. Tissue Paper Flowers: Chapter III

Find the tutorial here: Gift wrapping on the run

Use hair spray

11. Recycle: Part 1

Learn how to make this from Sewing Pattern Flower Tutorial


12. Recycle: Part 2

This is an interesting project. It looks a bit complicated. I tried to make flowers out of book pages before and I failed. I think it’s all about the paper. You need the right kind of paper to pull this off.. Here is how you can do this: Newspaper wedding bouquet


13. Crepe paper. Big flowers

Find the tutorial here: www.buggieandjellybean.blogspot.ro


Fabric Flowers

14. Fabric Flower Brooch

Learn how to make this from GoneToEarth.


15. Tin Foil and Fabric

Learn how to make this from http://pinterest.com/pin/133982157633809201/


16. Really easy

Learn how to make this from http://www.craftjr.com/make-an-easy-fabric-flower-brooch/


17. It’s all about the fabric.

This style of flower is perfect for gift-wrapping, because it is flat and it will survive until destination. Here is how you do this: Fabric Flower

Fabric Flower 1.png

18. In love with the ruffles

Find the tutorial here: www.sewchic.blogspot.ro

Step 9

19. Little flower

They look like little pumkins. I think you could even make little decorations for Halloween like this.
Find the tutorial here: joybucket.blogspot.ro


20.Back to school

Find the tutorial here: www.momadvice.com


21. Pretty in pink and yellow

Learn how to make this from www.artideascrafts.com


22. Felt Flowers: Part 1

Learn how to make this from news.holidash.com .


23. Felt Flowers: Part 2

Sharing is pretty… Learn how to make this from www.craftsnob.com


Flowers you can eat 🙂

24. Lunchbox flowers

Find the tutorial here: www.alphamom.com


25. Something sweet

Now I know this looks really complicated to make, but given the proper tools you can also make it. Sugar paste you can buy now (even in Romania) or almond paste (even better). Cookie cutters can be found almost in every store (even Ikea). The rest are tools you would use to shape modeling clay. This can be bought at any Crafts shop or craft section in your local supermarket.
Find the tutorial here: http://pinterest.com/pin/61291244898625961/


Well this is the short list of great tutorials. I hope you like them and you give them a try.


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